About us

To be an Artist does not mean you must necessarily be a maker of terrific paintings, sculptures or be a great performer or writer etc. Only few get to become professional artists in our system.

The first prerequisite of Art is to safekeep a mind that is fresh, live capable of both awe and questioning. We had this equally when we were children. If we lost the connect on our way, we need to plug right back in to restore the settings we were born with.

Our tagline is “all-for-art-for-all” because EkaRasa respects this calling as a birthright.

To this end EkaRasa organises creative expression oriented workshops for anyone with a creative inclination from any walk of life.

We organise, curate and coordinate artists’ exhibitions and are working towards doing artists camps too.

Additionally EkaRasa also takes up any work related with creating Art & Artefacts for a specific purpose like an interior/exterior/event etc creating more creative opportunities for creative people.

EkaRasa is powered by SPARCS Studio. www.sparcsstudio.com